Year in Review: 2014

Well it’s been a while since I posted anything here, so I figured I’d give a quick summary of the music works I did this year. I will add links to the titles so you can listen to the piece on YouTube.

FEBRUARY 2014 : Kyrie for Chorus & Orchestra in D minor, Op. 41
I started the year with a liturgical piece based on the Catholic mass, the Kyrie. Kyrie Eleison in latin essentially means “Lord have mercy.” This is something that was commonly composed back in the 18th and early 19th century. I had been tinkering with this piece for almost a year before I decided to clean it up and release it. It is scored for string orchestra, S-A-T-B Chorus and organ.

APRIL 2014 : First album released : Orchestral Works
In April I was able to release my very first album, the complete orchestral works. The album is available on iTunes and through Amazon.

OCTOBER 2014 : Sonatina for Piano & Cello in C Major, Op. 42
In August I met someone and we dated for almost three months. Toward the end of our relationship I composed this piece for her and she really liked it. Unfortunately, she ended up cheating on me and that ended that! I don’t tolerate that…you’re either in the relationship 100% or don’t bother me. So naturally I removed the title that used to be on this work. I still think it’s one of my best pieces.

DECEMBER 2014 : Kyrie for Chorus & Orchestra in F minor, Op. 43
On Christmas Eve I had music just pop into my head and within a day I had completed the piece. This is a somber work, with a very sorrowful first theme and a great second theme. It’s scored for full orchestra, S-A-T-Ba-B Chorus and symphonic organ.

And that’s been my musical year in review. I am working on something BIG for a late January release (hopefully). It will be the first big composition I have done in over a decade. Until then, remember you can always listen to nearly every work I have composed on my music site OPUS.


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