New Work Coming in about a month!

I have a new work under wraps which I am hoping to have finished by mid-February. It’s going to be my first Piano Sonata and I am really excited about it. It’s life began way back in March 2014 when the idea came to me. I sketched the piece out on paper and just kept tinkering with the first and second themes until I felt it was good. But I didn’t decide to start composing the piece until the end of November. The second and third movement themes came shortly before Christmas. I started composing the second and third movement around that time, but eventually realized the second theme of the second movement just wasn’t fitting, so I scrapped it until I could come up with something more appropriate. That happened the first week of January.

Last week I finished work on the first movement and I am now turning my attention to the second movement, while tinkering with the third. I am very happy with how the first movement came out and have only made a couple small tweaks to it for performance.

I look forward to releasing this new work for you to hear. If all goes well, I should be able to meet my anticipated timeline for completion.

This will be my 67th composition since I began writing classical music back in 1993. Stay tuned!


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