About Kevin F.J. Harris

Hello, my name is Kevin Franz Josef Harris. For over twenty-five years now I have been composing music, mostly as a hobby. It has been something I enjoy doing. Way back when I was seven years old my parents noticed that I had a musical gift, so they signed me up for piano lessons. For the next four years I would study piano. But during that time I also expressed interest in composing my own music. Unfortunately my piano teacher wasn’t interested in nurturing that interest. When I was eleven years old I did manage to write a very small piece for piano. But time passed and I lost interest in playing the piano and composing my own stuff. But when I was 27 years old, the interest came back and I started playing again. It would be that year that I would write my first real compositions, with the help of a friend. Since then I have composed over 70 works, ranging from simple piano pieces to works for full orchestra.


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