Interview: Remembering September 11

It’s hard to believe it has been ten years since that fateful day. It was a very emotionally draining and anxiety filled day. To cope with these feelings I composed a work that would essentially put me on the American Composers map. It was the Adagio for a Nation in D minor for string quintet. It was a fantasia of sorts, a dump of emotions. In this video I am “interviewed” about my memories of September 11 and how the Adagio came into being. I also talk about my new CD “September 11 Memorial” – which contains the original Adagio for a Nation as well as two new works: God is my refuge, Op. 34 and Sextet in D minor for Winds and Piano, Op. 35/24a. The last piece on the CD is my Violin Sonata in D minor which I had started composing a month before the terrorist attacks, I was about half-way through completing the work when the events of September 11th occurred.


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